Dear friends, honestly, I would have never thought that I will have to appeal to you on this occasion.
In 1996 when I wrote my first book for you called The Beginning of Your Child’s Life, when I talked in it about tempering, I wrote that tempering your child is good, because if you look around you cannot be sure that our children won’t have to freeze in the trenches , and then I remember perfectly what scandal I had at home when my wife asked me for what I was writing all those horrors. And now, those kids that were born in 1996 are now 18 years old, they serve in the Russian Army. It 's so horrible for me  to talk about it now, so I would like for you to clearly understand the problem that occurred.
These last two days I constantly talk with my friends, patients, readers from Russia and I see a clear division of society, I see the division of society into those who are on the Internet and those who are in front of a TV.  I clearly understand that those who are in front of the TV are sincerely trying today to save me and my children. Guys, the most terrible shock that is here for me now is what I see on Russian channels.
This utter deception has never happened before in all the Soviet Union , I ,thank God or not, for many years lived in the Soviet Union, we knew that what was on TV and real life were different things, but what is happening now  is just a disaster, it’s information genocide.
Guys, nobody is killing us nobody in my Ukraine prevents me from talking in Russian.
Guys, all of you, at least those who know who Dr. Komarovsky is, you saw «The school of doctor Komarovsky»,  in what language «The school of doctor Komarovsky» operates? It is in Russian, more than that those of our mothers who speak the Ukrainian language and who come to our program ask questions in Russian, so our friends from Russia would understand.
Two of the most famous leading talk show hosts in our country are Russians, Savik Shuster half-Russian, let’s say, and Yevgenii Kiselyov. They host political talk shows in Ukraine in the Russian language and everybody around them speaks Ukrainian, and when I hear  that apparently the new government passed a law banning the Russian language and there are «banderivtsi» running on the streets here…
  «Banderovtsi»? I myself want to take a look at those banderovets, it’s like some sort of an evil witch flying somewhere and everybody heard of it but nobody knows what it is. I even read about comparing a «banderovets» with chupacabra, they run around somewhere, eat something and do stuff, but who and where it is, no one sees or knows.
Actually, we have a lot of real problems, guys; moreover, all our problems are absolutely identical to your problems. Just like you we have fraudulent courts, we have terrible corruption, we have degraded medicine in general and pediatrics in particular. The level of healthcare which we and you have is a real problem; this has real grounds for salvation.
Three days ago I wrote and recorded an appeal concerning Health Care Reform, but instead of discussing the reform we are now discussing war.
This is just horrible, guys, just imagine the real situation, realistically. From the place I am now to the border with Russia is 38 kilometers, and 70km to the center of Belgorod. Can you imagine a flag of Ukraine above the City Hall of Belgorod hung there by a resident of Kiev? Can you just imagine it? What would that be like? How would you react to that? But that’s what happened in the city of Kharkov. A muscovite, a resident of Moscow, who came here from Belgorod on a bus, there were around a thousand of them that came here, it is a different question who let them, who paid money for it, they hoisted over Kharkov government, above the place where the governor should sit, here on this building in downtown Kharkov the Russian flag.
Guys, we are not talking about what we should be. We have real problems, we need to spend a lot of money on our children and not make them butt heads with each other.
Of course we have plenty of idiots, we fight them, we identify them, we try to neutralize them, we will keep doing it, and when the first  thing they wanted to do was to make corrections to the language law, our Acting President was immediately blocked. There’s nothing like that, nothing prevents anybody speak any language.
Please, let us ourselves deal with our idiots here, we can, believe me, and no one in my country will prevent us from communicating the way we want to communicate.
Actually I have to say that there are two people now who will enter history; they did an insane amount for our country. There is a man who united all inhabitants of the country to fight  with our domestic gangsterism, with corruption, with corrupted policemen, with terrible health care issues, with bribery, a man who united the whole country, all of us no matter what language we speak, that man is Viktor Fedorovich Yanukovich. And the man who told all of us that we are one country,  when no one did so much for the unity of the country as Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and huge amount of people now want  just to be left alone, so that we may live in one country and solve our problems by ourselves.
We, residents of Kharkiv, Lugansk, Donetsk, Ivano Frankivsk, Crimea, Lviv, we want to live in Ukraine, and we ourselves decide if it’s in the Ukraine or in Ukraine, we will figure it out ourselves, we don’t need peace imposed on us.
Guys, that is just not fair, really not fair. When the Russian guys are standing and they say where they are from and who they are and they do not have stripes of the Russian Army, this is wrong, this is lying to the whole world, why do you do this, why is it necessary that money that is desperately needed for Russian hospitals, Russian pensioners, Russian elderly was spent on gas for Russian tanks?
I want to say right now, at this time, they recruit people in Russia in order to come to Lugansk, Donetsk, Kharkov, but it's your kids here now, those who sell themselves to come here and  raise the flag of Russia. It’s not needed.
Please, don’t! I beg you here to do me a favor, do a favor for  the man, who was treating your children for 35 years, at least because I received  from you about 250 000 letters, and to Russians here I personally responded to 150 000 letters myself.
For the sake of your children, can you do a favor for me as a man which thought all my life not only of our children but of yours, too? Can you please repeat this information to those elderly neighbors who are sure that there are «banderivtsi» here that kill Russians, please, do it for me, all my readers, all those who understand what health care  means, what our duty is to our children, please, appeal on my behalf, go on the street and tell people that there is no oppression of Russians here, there’s poverty, there is corruption, there is chaos with tax revenue we will deal with this, we have some nationalists not well in the head, who do not know when to stop teasing people, we will sort that out, too.
But please, help, make sure that what we see on the Internet is known to those who do not know what a computer is and watch TV, all my readers, all those who are with me in vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, all groups of doctor Komarovsky’s school, those who are online with doctor Komarovsky, guys there are about six million people here, those with whom I communicate constantly, let’s show that we are parents, we are a real power and let’s protect our children  not from a sickness this time, but from a bullet.

Thank you!

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EOK Украина, Харьков

Миллионы наших женщин по всему миру не знают, как объяснить своим не русскоязычным родственникам смысл происходящего. Комментарии отключаются.Желающих продолжить общение добро пожаловать сюда:
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Тогда надо писать на всех языках, если матерям мира... Речь то идет о России, о том,что нужно сохранить мир. Какой смысл например писать обращение нашей стране, мы же не вошли в Крым со своими войсками... Я уже писала в комментариях,могу еще раз сказать.Я являюсь гражданкой Республики Казахстан,у нас в стране принят казахский язык на государственном уровне. У нас 50 % населения-русские и мы не воюем. Не потому,что мы слабые или трусы,мы не воюем,потому что мы граждане Республики Казахстан.Мы не хотим войны, мы хотим мира.Мы не считаем это притеснением. Неужели Вы считаете, что ракеты с неба, пули и массовые убийства во имя того, чтобы в стране был твой язык на уровне государственного, это хорошо? Вы считаете, что это оправданные действия, оно того стоит???? Это война кому то нужна. Кто то сидит и потирает руки и кошельки, пока Украина и Россия выясняют отношения. Это сообщение может быть написано хоть на арабском языке,оно написано с миром,а мир,тому кто все это затеил не нужен. Может быть Вы все думаете и вините не тех? Задумайтесь. Нам всем правды всей не скажут.
04/03/2014 16:28 #

Kathypet Россия, Каспийск

Елизавета Казахстан, Караганда я задала такой же вопрос на facebook пока не ответил... Тогда надо писать обращение матерям мира...
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Зачем в комментариях оставлять такие вопросы? Вы спросите лично у ЕОК. Я уверенна, он Вам обязательно ответит! Я 100 % уверенна, что это обращение написано на 2-ух языках, ни для того, чтобы в Украине продолжались распри и началась война. Это обращение с МИРОМ! Не важно на каком оно написано языке, важен его смысл!
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Timlend Россия, Железнодорожный (Московск.)

А зачем обращение к родителям России на английском языке? Или заказчики этого обращения не умеют читать по-русски?